Outdoor / garden items

Outdoor fireplace – a stylish yard detail used for food preparation, grilling and cooking as well. Fireplace – hearth has a wall which sustains even fire burning, smoke extraction and possibility to keep the fireplace closer to people. It‘s so fun to have a safe evening by the fire!

Outdoor flower pots – is an example of urban farming. Because of its size, it is perfect for annual as well as perennial plants. It is not a surprise for those who do not have the time for farming but love growing medicinal plants. Moreover, tree growing in pots is getting more and more popular in Lithuania.Trees that grow in big metal pots are easy to transport. Therefore, one has great possibility to change perennials growing place.

Home inscriptions – decorated according to a street name meaning or made by a chosen font original home inscriptions will draw attention. It‘s a great way to show off the house.

Flag holder

Door – firm and reliable door that changes its colour with time.

Outdoor lighting – can have one ornament, form and size or contrasting styles.

Roaster – made by size, can be decorated with one ornament, have a writing or a written wish.

Weather vanes – stylish, thematic, firm and functional.