Interior design

There are several ways to use the stairs in a contemporary home. We suggest lightweight construction stairs that can be mounted in a living space. Because of the fastening technology, stairs can be mounted without welding. This way is fast and clean.

Stairs – is an individual item. Its layout is often planned to be compact. In this case it is very important to keep strong construction, to ensure that steps had the same height and a matching march. Contemporary manufacturing technologies allow to set stairs even in narrow spaces.

Interior elements:

Stair railings – are not only a part of the stairs but also of a home. In the history of our manufactured items there are stair railings with a plant motive that was drawn by a client herself. There are also possible minimalist stair railings made of glass and steel or thematic – decorated with a jute rope, wooden.

Hangers – fastened to the wall or standing are functional home interior elements.

Cornices – firm. Made according to a chosen interior element.

Lamps – parts of home decor that spread warmth and light. They can be various.

Flower pots – have a freedom of width, height and functionality. Flower pots can be used to landscape partitions. Their size can match the size of the window sills, they can also be adapted for bigger plants and cactuses.

Other – details for beam fastening used for room reconstruction. These details are made to secure the beam without ruining the wall.