We produce various structures: beams, partitions, stairs, handrails, lightings, cornices.


We cut, fold and weld steel. Moreover, we have a manufacturing base and specialists therefore order processing is fast.


We cut metal plates according to a chosen form, thus we can offer ornaments, drawn by clients themselves.

cor ten vazonai

For landscape specialists. We produce raised garden beds, flower pots, balcony partitions, fences for outdoor cafes, vertical agriculture systems.

veliavos laikiklis metalinis

We project and manufacture various yard elements: lightings, holders, home inscriptions, roasters, fireplaces.

cor ten laiptų brėžinys

Architects, interior designers and builders are welcome to cooperate: we will implement drawings made by specialists, move sketches into drawings and will make the product.

Originalios dovanos:

  1. Siūlome įmonėms originalias jų veiklą atitinkančias dovanas;
  2. Siūlome šašlykines su inicialais ar vardu;
  3. Namų adreso užrašus – naujakuriams;
  4. Vėjarodes;
  5. Vartų / vartelių puošimas namų adreso ar šeimininkų pavardės simboliais.

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